Don’t hire another developer until you read this Horror story!

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress on your software project?

Don’t hire another developer until you read this nightmare story!

Finding it almost impossible to hire the right number of
developers, let alone the right quality?

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress on your software project?

Finding it almost impossible to hire the right number of
developers, let alone the right quality?

Don’t hire another developer until you read this nightmare story!

It got so bad for us, we nearly gave up on our project altogether!

My name is Terry Wilson, and I am the CEO of

We have been operating a fully staffed live chat service for nearly nine years now. 

During that time, we have used many different live chat software, had over 2 million chat conversations, and delivered over $3.64 billion in sales qualified pipeline and leads for our clients.

My Co-Founder and I became super frustrated with our current live chat software provider, and after several “failures” on their part, we decided to become the masters of our own destiny and put that experience and learning into developing a live chat software of our own. 

We went through the process of building a wireframe and a full scope of work, identifying the skills and languages we would need.


Then came the recruitment.

We had decided to recruit in-house – we wanted to have full visibility and control over the entire project.

Nightmare #1

We must have interviewed at least 200, maybe 250 developers overall.

There were plenty of “Yes I can” and “Yes I have” but when it came time to put them through their paces, they just kept coming up short.

Finally, after several months I might add, we finally had a short list of the one we felt would be a good fit. 

We had become a little disillusioned with how much effort was going into this process, and how long it was taking. 

It was really taking the shine and excitement off the project for us.

We were full of hope and excitement to get started with our project team, only to find that managing productivity and output in line with our SOW was a…

Nightmare #2

Once we had finalized the recruitment process, fully inducted, and onboarded the team (another month had slipped away..) the productivity was just not where it needed to be. 

There was always an excuse, but we just could not sustain the project at this rate.

The last this we wanted to do was head back to that dreaded recruitment process – the resumes the interviews… the testing…

So, we tried harder to manage the output. 

It just got worse. And worse.

Deadlines were dying, milestones became lightyear boulders.

We knew we had to make a call – thus began…

Nightmare #3

We were punch-drunk.

We just didn’t have the energy to keep the project going in its current format.

We were so desperate at this stage to try and keep the project going forward, but we couldn’t bear the thought of hitting the recruitment process again – we reluctantly made the decision to try and outsource the development.

We were both against that at the time as we felt we would never have enough control to get the outcome we were looking for.

There were over 20 development houses in the mix…

Some had been referred, some had been researched.

All had their process and specialization. It was an extremely time-consuming process. 

Boxing Know out Punch

Time we just didn’t have.

The project should have been finished by now…

We did find the final selection easier and quicker than the recruitment process.

Credentials and references were checked. 

There was a standout in terms of capability and just as importantly, cultural fit – they seemed to just get us, and what we needed. 

Not to mention they had been one of the preferred ones.
Then began…

Nightmare #4

The development house started off great. They were ticking all our boxes; excellent progress was being made. At such a faster rate than we had been able to achieve ourselves.

We allowed ourselves to feel optimistic.

Finally, could this be it – our software vision becoming a reality?

Then, suddenly, progress slowed down. We had pushed for the Project Manager as a critical role in their team. When we pushed for an answer, all was questioned on the Western front!

Finally, we found out that some of their key developers (the ones working on our project) had left.
They assured us it was only a temporary set-back and that they would be back on track any day now.

They drip fed us progress with the promise of being “nearly there”.

The progress stayed slow. The quality started to slip. Communications started showing signs of reluctance….

We had already spent so much money with them on this project, we just wanted it finished.

There was excuse after excuse…

We felt like drug addicts, holding onto any promise as a sign of a turn-around.
In the end, we couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

My co-founder and I were broken. We were so frustrated and disappointed we considered shelving the whole project.

Writing it off as a loss.

Can nightmares turn into dreams?

About a week later, my co-founder was chatting with a fellow he’d known in school but had not seen since. It turns out he is now a developer. 

As they were talking, mostly about our failed project, he said he knew many quality developers in his situation who would be interested in taking part in the project as a micro project for some variety and a challenge.

We really had nothing to lose – even though it was the opposite of where we started – outsourced developers as opposed to our own in-house team!

As we went through the process of meeting the developers, we could see these people were a whole different kettle of fish!

They were ticking every box, testing showed they were conservative in their promises and projections.

Their skills, their dedication, their output, we could not believe it. It seems way too good to be true- we kept holding our breath waiting for the bubble to burst…

And it did.

The bubble of disaster burst into a beautiful celebration on the day we went live!
We had finally turned our vision into reality. Not only did we have a product for our own team to use, but this was also a fully-fledged SaaS that we launched into the market.
And all within 90 days.

You might have heard of it:

A super simple but extraordinarily effective live chat software that has the reputation for being the single best conversion tool for your website.

But back to the Devs – what now?

This brilliant team of developers was way too good to go back to what they were doing before.

And so was born

We wanted to help other business owners who may be in a similar (hopefully nowhere near as bad) situation as us.

Having similar frustrations or fears about starting a software project. is a team of fully vetted developers (most of them have worked on our own software) that are available on demand.

They can help get projects back on track, get started, or completely manage the software development for you.

A fully contracted outsourcing effort so you can enjoy the same success with your software project as we did… in the end.

Imagine, not having to worry about:

Instead, your software project is:

And most of all, achieving all this with no headaches.

Our team is pro-vetted to meet your requirements.

Once we match the developers to your needs and organizational culture, we assist with the onboarding to make sure your new dev team is up and running making your software vision a reality.

Just like we did.

We are so confident that you will love your new team members that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any stage through the first seven days with your team member, you become dissatisfied, simply let us know it’s not working for you and we will refund 100% of your money (or not charge you).

If you would like to see if any of our team will be a good fit for your next software project, just chat with us below, or book a call straight into my calendar here so we can talk about what type of team you need to turn your vision into a software reality!