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The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook

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Want to know the insider secrets we discovered while turning around a failing software project? Used by Skype, BaseCamp, and Slack but often overlooked by smaller companies as being “Too Hard”. Learn how to solve your tech development problems like the pros. Download the “The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook” for immediate pipeline impact.

The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook

Inside Of This Free eBook, You’ll Discover…

Strategic Global Development Sourcing:

Unveil the strategic advantages of global talent sourcing to enhance your development capabilities and competitive edge.

Financial Prudence in Tech:

Explore methodologies for substantial cost reduction while maintaining high-quality development standards.

Dynamic Team Structuring:

Learn the art of agile team scaling, ensuring your technical workforce aligns seamlessly with project demands and market dynamics.

Cultural Synergy in Tech Teams:

Discover the key to harmonizing diverse tech talents and fostering an environment of innovation and collaborative success.

Optimized Scalability Frameworks:

Access insider strategies for fluidly adjusting your tech team size to meet evolving project requirements effectively.

Mitigating Technological Risk:

Identify proven risk management techniques to secure your projects and investments in the tech sector.

Precision in Tech Talent Acquisition:

Master the process of pinpointing and integrating the ideal tech professionals to enhance your team's performance and output.

Expedited Project Deployment:

Gain insights into accelerating your go-to-market timelines through strategic developer allocation.

Leveraging Buffet’s Economic Principles:

Apply Warren Buffet’s investment insights to tech hiring for maximum efficiency and output.

Mastering the Hybrid Model:

Decode the successful integration of in-house and outsourced tech resources for optimal operational flexibility.

Assured Quality and Performance:

Attain excellence in project outcomes through rigorous developer vetting and selection processes.

Global Talent Navigation:

Develop a strategy for sourcing and securing world-class tech expertise from the international talent pool.

Intellectual Property Integrity:

Learn to fortify your intellectual property safeguards in collaborative tech environments.

Advanced Remote Collaboration Techniques:

Overcome geographical and cultural barriers to foster effective communication and project management in distributed teams.

Technological Evolution Preparedness:

Equip your organization with the knowledge and strategies to adapt and thrive amidst rapid tech advancements.

From the desk of Terry Wilson
Broadbeach QLD

Dear Technology Leader,

For the past 8 years, I’ve run a fully staffed live chat service called “Chat Metrics,” generating nearly $4 billion in sales-qualified pipeline for our clients.
Every day, we review and refine our process to maximize our conversion rates.
Discovering what works, and what doesn’t.


We sat in so many software options, we couldn’t find one that was just right.
So, we decided to build our own.
This started our nightmare.
I could tell you a story about Project Creep…
Budget overrun…
Broken Timelines…
We thought it was a lost cause.
The entire lead team was super frustrated and A little embarrassed…
For all the time and effort, we spent on the project.
We had nothing but a messy set of code full of bugs.
Our approach had been to recruit an internal team of devs to do the project for us.
We must have interviewed over 200 applicants.
We were determined to find “the ones” for us.
In the end, I fear we settled for “near enough was good enough.”
And unfortunately, it was far from “Good Enough”!
The frustration was building.
We considered cancelling the whole project…
Then we found the answer.
It had been staring at us the whole time.
We had been resisting it.
Truthfully, we had not even properly considered it…
The project got back on track.
And I stopped pulling my hair out.
And here’s what I now know…
Every day you’re being bombarded with so-called “best practice” messages.
Everyone is trying to draw your attention to THEIR thing, their solution, their platform, their opinion, their process.
And frankly, the vast majority of them are a TOTAL DISTRACTION and often simply HOLLOW PROMISES.
AND a total waste of your time. Right?
Like you, I VALUE my time.
And the way I see it…
Give me what I need to know NOW to help me complete my tech project and get on with it!
In and out. Please don’t waste my time.
Are you the same way?
I thought so.
That’s one of the big reasons I put together The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook.

Get The Results You’re Looking For

The BlackBook is a detailed, no-nonsense, “get right to the point” compilation of our Greatest Learnings in Hiring Developers.

Insider tips, strategies, processes, tweaks, and little-known formulas have helped us go from a disaster project to ready-to-launch Software as a Service in under six months.

And what’s great is that this BlackBook lays out exactly how to build the tech team to achieve a project build giving the highest level of output for the lowest level of input.

‘’The three main reasons you need “The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook” are:

Strategic Outsourcing Insights:

The book offers deep dives into the advantages of outsourcing versus direct hiring, presenting a compelling case for why outsourcing can be a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution for acquiring top tech talent. Tech leaders will gain valuable perspectives on navigating the global talent pool, optimizing costs, and achieving operational flexibility.

Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis:

It provides an exhaustive analysis of the direct hiring and outsourcing models, covering pros and cons, real-world case studies, and practical insights. This will equip tech leaders with the knowledge to make informed decisions about building and scaling their tech teams in alignment with their strategic goals.

Practical Strategies and Best Practices:

The book is not just theoretical but also offers actionable strategies, best practices, and success stories from the tech industry. Tech leaders will learn how to effectively manage outsourced teams, protect intellectual property, ensure quality, and adapt to the fast-paced technological landscape, which is crucial for successful project delivery and long-term growth.

Inside your FREE Copy Of:

The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook

Types of outsourcing:

Offshore, Nearshore, and Onshore

Benefits of outsourcing:

Cost savings, access to talent, scalability, focus on core competencies, and reduced risk.

Overview of direct hiring:

Control, company culture, and long-term investment

Challenges of direct hiring:

Costs, limited talent pool, and inflexibility

Overview of outsourcing:

Cost-effectiveness, global talent access, scalability, and risk mitigation

“The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook”

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“The Software Developer Recruitment Secrets Blackbook”

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